"Learn How To Make Your Own Beautiful
Silk Wedding Bouquet, That Makes All Your Friends
Green With Envy, And Insanely Jealous
Of Your Artistic Skills!"

Peta Fletcher


My name is Peta Fletcher, and I have been making wedding bouquets professionally for over 14 years. This means that I have a lot of experience in exactly what to do to make a wedding bouquet look perfect. My specialty is silk flower bouquets. I love the extra creativity that silk flowers allow, as well as many of the other benefits that silk flowers bring. But before I get into that, I'd like to share what my sister Kim thought about the wedding bouquets I made for her...

"The flowers were exactly what I wanted, as my bridal gown was quite unique and the flowers had to complement my dress, which they did quite nicely."
Kim Van Domselaar

Kim really loved the bouquets I made for her wedding. But she is not alone. I have similar testimonials from lots of other people (See a small sample of these for yourself on the Testimonials page). And yet recently, I have found myself a little unsatisfied from making wedding bouquets. I still enjoy the creativity, dealing with customers, and the look of joy when a bride first lays eyes on the bouquets I have made for her. But it's not really enough. I have this yearning to teach, and without helping others to learn I have felt a little unfulfilled. So I have decided to help show others how to make a wedding bouquet. It's easy, and lot's of fun!

I invite you to explore the rest of the website. If you're interested in making your own bouquets (It's really easy), then you should check out the Articles. For more detailed instructions, you may be interested in the DVD I am working on.

There are also other articles which may interest you as well, such as information on Candy Bouquets, and instructions on How to make a candy bouquet

Thank You.

Peta Fletcher