Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup

The final Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup

Oh no! Aunt Mabel is coming over to see everyone as it's her 65th Birthday. Sounds like fun doesn't it? But nobody told you!

Don't Panic! You can make a beautiful candy bouquet present for her simply by using a coffee cup, and some flower shaped candy!

You could also use chocolates for this, but they would have to be wired and taped.

Step 1: Find a suitable coffee cup...

Most people have an abundance of coffee cups in their house. Maybe you have a cup from an old coffee set that got broken?

Try and find a nice looking cup, as it will ruin the effect of the candy bouquet if you use an old tacky looking one!

I like glass coffee cups, like this...

A Glass Coffee Cup Works Well For The Candy Bouquet

Step 2: Prepare the cup to hold the candy...

Take some dried oasis and push it into the coffee cup. If you don't have an oasis, you can stuff the cup with cellophane, but an oasis will work much better, as it will hold the flowers up much more firmly.

Before placing the oasis into the cup, place a square of cellophane in at the bottom. This will make it easier to clean later, as any flakes that fall off the oasis won't make a mess of the cup.

Push An Oasis Down Into The Cup

Step 3: Add the leaves for the candy bouquet...

Place some leaves around the outside edge of the cup. Make sure that the leaves overlap slightly as this will give a nice fanned effect.

Add Leaves

Step 4: Insert the candy flowers...

Place the candy flowers in next. Start in the approximate middle and work out from there until all the candy flowers are used.

Add the Candy Flowers

Step 5: Fill the gaps with leaves...

Place leaves in the gaps so that all of the oasis is covered, and cannot be seen.

Fill in the gaps with leaves

Step 7: Add Ribbon...

I find that candy bouquets look better when you use some ribbon. Place some ribbon around the cup, and maybe even add a figure of eight bow to make it look more festive.

Add a ribbon

Step 8: Wrap in Cellophane (optional)...

One way to finish off the candy bouquet is to wrap it in cellophane, and then then tie it with a curling ribon. I think this bouquet looks fine though, so I haven't done that.

That's it. As you can see, this Candy Bouquet looks great, and will make an ideal present for anyone, especially Aunt Mabel!

The final Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup