Candy Bouquet Information

A Candy Bouquet is an arrangement of candies, made up to look like a bouquet.

They are often used as gifts, prizes and presents. They can also be used as a form of decoration.

There are 2 types of candy bouquets that you can make:

  • A candy bouquet made purely out of candy.
  • A candy bouquet made with leaves and flowers. This type of candy bouquet looks much more like a normal type of bouquet

Both types of bouquets are fun, although personally I prefer the type that is combined with leaves and flowers.

How are they made?

Making a candy bouquet is a lot of fun, and very rewarding. In this article, I show how to make one with leaves and flowers...

candy bouquet How to make a candy bouquet
A candy bouquet is a fun, edible bouquet, made out of leaves, flowers, and candy. In this article I show you exactly how to make one, with detailed instructions and photographs.

Candy Bouquets don't even need to have flowers!

You can also make a bouquet made entirely out of candies. If done correctly, this can look quite distinctive...

How to make a candy bouquet2
This article shows how to make a candy bouquet without using any flowers... This one is usually a hit with children- but don't be surprised if they eat the candies when you are not looking!

Where can I buy a candy bouquet?

If you dont want to make your candy bouquet, then there are a lot of places where you can buy one. A good website is They sell bouquets, as well as individual candy, so they can be useful if you are making your own candy bouquet as well.

What candy can I use?

You can use almost any candy you can think of in your bouquet! Certain candies (like lollipops), can be easier to use than others, but you can use anything from toffee apples to marshmellows. You also might use love hearts for a valentines gift, or use a persons favourite candies in a get-well gift.

Making money with candy bouquets.

If you are interested in making money from selling candy bouquets, then check out this Candy Bouquet Franchise. Their business has been running more than fifteen years, and they have stores in over 40 countries around the world!

What else can I use in a candy bouquets?

You can do many things based on Candy Bouquets. One thing I have found, that looks really cute, is to make a small candy bouquet, and put it into a teracotta pot...

How to make a candy bouquet flower-pot
Check out how easy it is to make this candy bouquet flower pot... It makes a great table decoration!

Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup
A Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup is easy to make, and makes a great present... If you have an interesting cup or mug to use, this can be a good conversation starter.

How to make a candy basket A candy basket is a variation of a bouquet. These are simple to make, and are really great for gifts and presents. They particularly make a good valentines day present- and they are much more romantic than boring flowers or chocolates!

How To Make An Easter Egg Candy Bowl An easter egg candy bowl, is similar to a candy bouquet, but made with easter eggs instead of candy. They are lots of fun, and make very unique presents for Easter...

Candy Bouquet FAQ I often receive feedback from readers asking questions about candy bouquets, such as which candies to use, or what type of wire is needed. This page answers a lot of those Frequently Asked Questions.

How To Make A Candy Cane Christmas Bouquet Getting tired of christmas trees, reindeers, and santas? A candy cane christmas bouquet makes a fine centre-piece, and adds a bit of variety to Christmas...

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