How To Clean A Silk Bouquet

A Silk bouquet will last considerably longer than a bouquet made of real flowers, but, even so, it will still eventually droop, and get dusty. With a little little bit of preventive care though, you can keep your bouquet looking like new.

Fortunately, caring for your flowers wont take long. 5 to 10 minutes spent caring for your bouquet every 3-6 months will keep your bouquet looking as good as it did they day you made (or bought) it.

There are 3 simple steps to cleaning your bouquet:

Step 1: Rice Cleaning

Place your bouquet in a plastic bag, along with about half a cup of white rice. Twist the bag closed, and then shake the bag for about a minute.

This works because the rice in the plastic bag will get statically charged, and the dust will be attracted to the rice. You may have read that you can use salt instead of rice, but this is a fallacy! Salt is too hard, and will scratch your flowers. Stick with white rice, which is softer, and won't damage the flowers.

Step 2: Fluffing

Once you have rice-cleaned your silk flowers, hold the bouquet by the handle and then turn it upside down and give it a few good shakes, dropping the rice back into the bag. This will loosen any rice caught in the flowers and will also clear away any left over dust. It will also "fluff" the flowers, giving them back their original shape.

Step 3: Plumping And Teasing

After fluffing the bouquet, it is time to move the flowers back into their correct positions. Using the back of your hand, go around the back of the bouquet and lightly push the flowers back into position, to "plump up" the bouquet. Once you are happy with the shape, then tease the flowers into the correct position by lightly pulling and pushing on the individual flowers and petals until they are correctly placed.

Simple eh? I told you it wouldnt take long! Now, you may have read that you can lightly spray your bouquet with soapy water to get it clean. Regardless of what you may have read, don't ever do this! Never spray your bouquet with water because the wet dust will run and stain your flowers. And stained flowers are not very attractive!

If you follow these simple steps every 3-6 months, your bouquet will stay beautiful, and will be around in decades to come, for future generations to enjoy.