How To Make A Figure-Of-8 Bow

A figure of 8 bow is a decoration made by looping a ribbon into a figure of 8 pattern several times. They are great for "softening" the look of your bouquet, and they can be used to decorate just about anything.

The final result can be seen below:

What you need

1. Take your length of ribbon, and fold it in half. Line up the ends of the ribbon, so that you have even lengths on both sides.

2. Make a loop at the top and hold this between your thumb and index finger of your hand.

3. Take one side of the ribbon, and hold it in the thumb and index finger of your hand, about 2 inches from the middle of the ribbon

4. Bring the ribbon on the right side up to join the left. Place the new end underneath your left thumb. This should form a half loop:

5. Take the ribbon on the left side, and loop in underneath and place it under your thumb. This should look like a figure 8:

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, alternating ribbons, and forming loops, until you have as many loops as you want:

7. Holding all the loops between your thumb and index finger, take the wire, and pass it between your thumb and the ribbon:

8. Bring the loops together using your other hand:

9. Bend the wire back:

10. Close the wire. Then tighten it and twist:

11. Stem tape the wire, as mentioned in How to tape a silk flower

There you have it, one figure of eight bow:

You can use the figure of eight bow to soften a bouquet, as you can see below...

Before inserting a figure of eight bow:

After inserting a figure of eight bow (notice how the bouquet looks "softer"):