How To Make A Silk Flower Posy Bouquet

A posy is small circular shaped bouquet. It is one of the simplest bouquets you can make, yet it can still be quite beautiful.

In this article I will make a bouquet from cream white roses, and dark pink rosebuds. The final result can be seen below:

A Beautiful Posy Bouquet

What you need

Arranging The Bouquet

Start by wiring and then taping your flowers.

Take the cream rose silk flowers, and hold them in your hand like you have just picked them:

Start placing pink rosebuds in amongst the cream roses:

Keep putting in rosebuds until you are happy with the pattern. You may need to "fan" the outer roses out, to allow space for the rosebuds. (We will tighten up the bouquet later). The pattern you use should be circular in shape, although it doesn't have to be perfect.

In this example, I have put 5 rosebuds around the center rose, and have placed a rosebud in between the roses in the outer ring. The picture has the flowers quite spaced out. This is only to show you the pattern more clearly, and you normally wouldn't space the flowers out so much:

Hold the wires just underneath the roses, and squeeze slowly, to tighten up the bouquet:

Framing The Posy Bouquet

Now it's time to add some greenery to the outside to frame the bouquet.

This is quite simple really. Just take some wired leaves, and start adding them around the outside of the boquet:

How many leaves you add is up to you. The impotant thing is to make sure the pattern remains circular:

Checking the spacing

Taking a look at the bouquet front on, we can see that there are still some gaps in the bouquet:

We have 3 choices to fix up the gaps:

  1. Tighten up the bouquet some more.
  2. Add some more flowers.
  3. Add something extra.

In this example we will add some greenery and pearlies.

Insert the leaves in the gaps in the bouquet. I have added 7 small leaves around the center rose:

I think you'll agree this bouquet is starting to look good... but personally I feel like it could be softened a little. To do this I'll add 3 pearlies into the bouquet:

Thats better!

Now lets get to work on the handle:

Trimming The Handle

If you look at the handle, its really quite ugly, with lots of wires with different lengths:

Take your wire cutters, and cut off the wires to an even length. The length should be one hand width, plus about 2 inches.

If you have good wire cutters, then you can cut all the wires in one go. I can't find my good wire cutters at the moment though, so I'm cutting them one at a time. Be careful not to get anyone in the eye with any wires flying off!

Once you are done, it should be nice and even:

Now it's time to tape...

Taping The Handle

Start by wrapping the tap several times around the top of the handle. Do NOT stretch the tape as you do this bit...

Now start wrapping the tape down the handle, stretching the tape as you go...

Go up and down the handle 3 times. Pay particular attention to the bottom of the handle. You CAN'T tape this bit too much!

If you don't tape the bottom enough, the person holding the bouquet may cut themselves on the wire, so make sure you tape the base of the handle at least 3 times.

The End Result...

Congratulations! You have finished making your posy bouquet. With any luck, it looks something like this...

If you are proud of your bouquet, then I'd love to see it. Please consider sending a photo to me, at