How to tape a silk flower

When you have wired your silk flower, you need to tape it.

Taping has two major purposes:

  1. To cover up the "ugly" wire
  2. To make the flowers stick together in the bouquet better.

A special florist tape is used. This is non-sticky (Making it easy to use), but will stick to itself, making the bouquet hold together better.

What you need

You start with a wired flower, and a roll of tape.

This tape is non-sticky, and stretchable. When you stretch it, it changes color slightly, as you can see in this picture below:

Step 1.

Place the roll of tape around your little finger:

Step 2.

Stretch the tape slightly, and wrap it several times around the base of the flower:

Step 3.

Hold the flower in your right hand, with the tape in the left. Roll the flower between your fingers.

At the same time, stretch the tape in your left hande, and slowly (and evenly) work your way down the wire, pulling on the tape with your left hand when you need more stretched tape.

The End Result...

One taped flower: