How to wire and tape a solid stem flower

You will need:

This type of flower is a little bit different to the flowers used in the "How to tape a silk flower" article.

Some silk flowers are on plastic stems, with the middle of the flower being hollow. This allows the wire to be passed right through it, which makes wiring the flower quite easy.

There are other silk flowers though that come on a different type of stem, as you can see in the picture below...

The wire inside is very thick, and not very flexible, making it unsuitable for floristry. So we have to cut the stem down, and rewire the flower.

Step 1- Trim the flower

Trim the flower off just before the leaf of the stem. You need to leave enough stem for the wire to go around.

Step 2- Wire the flower

Loop the wire around the stem. DON'T TWIST! Twisting the wire does not look nice, and it isn't necessary, because the stem tape will help to hold the wire in place.

Step 3- Tape the wire

Starting as close to the top of the wire as you can, tape the wire by pulling and stretching, as I talked about in the "How to tape a silk flower" article.

The end result should look something like this...

Did You Know?

Once you've mastered this type of wiring and taping technique, you can also make bouquets out of normal flowers, and not just silk ones. Why? Because this technique is exactly the same technique you use when wiring and taping real flowers!