How To Make A Candy Bouquet Flower-Pot

After inserting the pearlies and leaves

When I first started making bouquets I was always trying to find different things to use in place of ordinary flowers.

One of my favorite things that I found to use is candy... because it's different and fun!

Candy bouquets are a great talking point at weddings and receptions, and they make wonderful gifts.

They are really easy to make, and I find that the end result is always popular. This is probably because, not only are they colorful and fun, but they're edible as well!

You can make many different types of candy bouquets- In this article I will show you how to make a candy bouquet in a teracotta pot. (If you want to make a more traditional candy bouquet, then check out the article on How to make a candy bouquet)

To make your own candy bouquet flower-pot, you will need:

STEP 1: Cut The Oasis

Using a piece of florsity wire to cut the oasis, so it will fit into the terracotta pot. Make sure it fits in the pot firmly as you will be pushing the lollipop sticks, flowers and leaves into it.

The picture below should give you a rough idea of how big you want the oasis to be, before you push it down into the pot...

Cut the oasis to fit into the teracotta pot

STEP 2: Trim The Flowers

The pot I am using is small so I will cut the flowers down a little. Cut just a little above half way down the stem.

If you have pre-wired flowers, then just insert the flowers the way the are. Otherwise, you will need to wire and tape them.

Trim the flowers

Note: If you are using wrapped chocolates you will need to wire and tape them.

STEP 3: Fan The Leaves

Place your leaves around the edge of the teracotta pot. If you slightly overlap the leaves you will get a nice fan effect which will make the finished pot look much more realistic.

Note: You may need to use one of the cut pieces of flower stem to put holes in the oasis for the leaves to go in.

Fan the leaves out

STEP 4: Insert The Roses

Place one rose in the centre of the pot. Push the next rose in at an angle near the edge of the pot, and do the same with the next rose on the otherside of the pot. Keep doing this until all the flowers are in the pot.

Insert the roses

STEP 5: Insert Candy and Leaves

Now all you need to do to finish the candy bouquet is to fill the bouquet in with the candy and leaves...

Insert the lollipops

Place a lollipop between each flower, and keep doing this until all the lollipops are used. For this bouquet, I am using Chupa-Chups, but you can use any lolliopops you want...

After inserting the chupa-chups

If you have any more gaps fill them in with leaves and pearlies, such as in the picture below...

After inserting the pearlies and leaves

Step 6: Add A Ribbon

To add a nice finishing touch to the candy bouquet flower pot, you can place a ribbon bow around the pot. You could also paint the pot before putting the flowers in, or add a figure of eight bow at the front edge of the pot if you wish.

As you can see from the picture below, I chose not to add a ribbon... I wasn't quite happy with how it looked. Don't let that stop you though! Give it a try, and decide for yourself...

The final candy bouquet flower-pot

As you can see, it looks great, doesn't it? And if anyone eats the lollipops, you can easily replace them, maybe with different candy, to change how the bouquet looks.