How To Make A Corsage

A corsage is a spray of flowers, that sits against the shoulder. Corsages are used for many events, including proms, homecomings, baby showers, weddings and more.

(Wedding corsages are given to the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom, and are used to acknowledge their love and support)

Corsages are usually made up of between 3 and 5 flowers, with a bit of greenery and some ribbon.

To make a corsage, you will need...

STEP 1: Wire and Tape...

Cut 8 wires of the wires in half. Use these half-wires to wire the roses and ribbon roses, and then tape the wires.

Wire and tape the leaves on the remaining full length wires.

STEP 2: Add the leaves to the corsage...

Place 5 of the leaves in a fan pattern.

Take an extra two leaves, and pull them down towards the bottom of the wires.

So you have the 3 inside leaves fanned out facing up, with the 2 outside leaves facing down...

Add the leaves to the corsage

STEP 3: Add the roses to the corsage

Place one rose in the middle of the top three leaves.

Stagger the next rose down to left of the first rose and the other to the right...

Add the roses to the corsage

STEP 4: Add the ribbon roses

Place your ribbon roses in between the staggered roses- One against the center rose, then one either side of the other two roses.

Take the remaining two ribbon roses and add them at the bottom of the center rose.

Add the ribbon-roses to the corsage

STEP 5: Finishing the corsage

Trim the wires on the leaves to the same length as the flowers.

Then tape it all together, making sure that no wires are poking out.

Finally add your bow to finish it off.

You attach corsages with corsage pins which you should be able to buy at any craft or fabric shop.

The final corsage