How To Make A Fruit Bouquet

A Fruit Bouquet

Fruit Bouquets are quite interesting to make, and look delicous. They can be made out of real fruit or fake fruit- in this article I am using real fruit. If you decide to use real fruit then be aware that the bouquet will have to be eaten in a few days... otherwise the fruit will rot.

You will need:

Step 1- Prepare the fruit.

Remove any stems or stickers from the fruit, and clean the fruit if it's dirty.

Step 2- Prepare the cellophane

Cut the cellophane into squares to wrap the plums into. The squares don't need to be too big, just make sure they are big enough to wrap the plum entirely. Twist the cellophane around the plum.

Step 3- Wire the plums

Use the thick gauge wire to wire the plums.

The plums should now look like this...

Wiring the plums for the fruit bouquet

Step 4- Tape the wire

Tape the wire. The plums should now look a little like a toffee apple on a white stick...

The plums should look like toffee apples

Step 5- Prepare the strawberries

Remove the leaves from the top of the strawberries, and then prepare them the same as the plums. Use the same size squares of cellophane as before.

Once the cellophane is twisted, cut it down...

Cut the cellophane

Step 6- Wire the strawberries.

Use semi-thick wire to wire the strawberries. The wire needs to be near the larger end of the strawberry, so the pointy end will be seen in the bouquet.

Be gentle with the strawberries, as they are quite squishy!

Wire the strawberries for the fruit bouquet

Step 7- Prepare the leaves.

Wire and tape the leaves using thin wire.

Step 8- Shape the fruit bouquet.

Assemble everything into a posy shape. Do this by...

Holding the plums in a bunch, using 2 hands...

Hole the plums

Fan out slightly, and insert leaves between the plums. Then add the strawberries and the roses...

Add leaves and roses to the fruit bouquet

If you have any unfilled gaps, then fill them in then fill them in with two figure-of-eight bows. Cut off the excess ribbon, so that you only have loops.

Add ribbons to the fruit bouquet

Thats it, you've made a fruit bouquet! A quick warning though... if you used real fruit, make sure you put the fruit bouquet in the fridge, otherwise it will start to go off (and smell a bit funny), in a few days.