How to make a ribbon loop

The final ribbon loop

Like figure-of-8 bows, ribbon loops are used to accent and soften your bouquet. They are quite useful in separating flowers- if you are only using one color of flower in your bouquet, you can put a ribbon loop between the roses to break up the color.

You will need:

Step 1: Cut the ribbon.

Take the ribbon, and cut it into 9 pieces, each about 5 inches in length

Everything you need to make some ribbon loops for your bouquet

Step 2: Loop the ribbon

Take a piece of ribbon and squeeze the cut ends together, so that it forms a loop.

Form a loop

Step 3: Wrapping the wire

Wrap wire around the end of the ribbon that is squeezed together

Wrap the wire around the end

Step 4: Taping

Tape the wire.

Tape the wire

There you have it! Very easy, I think you'll agree.

The final result

Ribbon loops are great for softening a bouquet, as you can see from the photographs below...

Here is a Candy Bouquet before adding ribbon loops:

Before adding loops

And here is the same bouquet after adding the loops:

After adding loops