How To Make A Candy Bouquet

The final Candy Bouquet

A bouquet is usually made just from flowers, but that doesn't have to be the case. You can add variety to your bouquets by adding other things, such as candy. Yeah, that's right, Candy!

Candy Bouquets are fun to make, look great, and they are a fantastic talking piece. In fact, I can almost guarantee that anyone that sees your candy bouquet will feel compelled to talk about it!

You will need:

Step 1: Trimming the lollipops

Trim the lollipop sticks to just below the wrapper. Later, we will wire and tape the sticks just like the flowers. We do this so that the lollipops can be moved around and positioned more easily.

Trimming the candy

Step 2: Trimming the Rose Buds

Trim the stems on the rose bud heads, and then wire and tape them. (For more information, see How to wire and tape a solid stem flower)

Trimming the rose buds for the candy bouquet

Step 3: Wire the lollipops

To wire the lollipops you will have to put a twist in the wire around the stick of the lollipop. You may have to do this twice, to make sure that the wire is tight and wont come loose. The easiest way to do this is to use long-nosed plyers, and to squeeze the wire around the stick.

The lollipops in the candy bouquet need to be wired.

Step 4: Wire and Tape the Pearlies

Although you don't need pearlies in your candy bouquet, they can work well to soften the bouquet, and make it more floral.

Wire and tape the pearlies. Place the wire alongside the white part of the pearly strand, and then stem tape in place.

Pearlies are used to soften the bouquet.

Step 5: Assemble the Candy Bouquet

Now start to assemble the candy bouquet. Start the bouquet with the lollipops in a bunch, in one hand...

Gather the candy in one handy.

Then slowly insert the leaves between the lollipops.

Fan the lollipops into a circular shape, with the leaves out...

Fan out the leaves

Place the flowers in next, keeping two lollipops between each flower...

Insert the flowers into the candy bouquet

Fill any gaps left over at the end, with leaves and pearlies...

Add pearlies to the bouquet

Step 6: Add Figure-of-Eight Bows

Make eight figure-of-eight bows, for the last layer of the candy bouquet. Use normal ribbons or curling ribon, and fan out on the bottom of the bouquet.

Figure of eight bows soften the candy bouquet even further

Step 7: Prepare the handle

The last step in making a candy bouquet is to trim and tape the handle...

Trimming the bouquet handle

Step 8: The End Result...

A Beautiful candy bouquet

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