Preserving Wedding Bouquets

So the big day has been and gone. The confetti has settled, and now you have to decide what to do with your bouquet.

How do you preserve it?

There are several different ways to preserve your wedding bouquet...

1. Hang it upside down and allow it to air dry.

2. Have it freeze dried

3. Place it in a airtight glass cabinet

4. Have a silk replica of your bouquet made.


All of the above options are great, but if you air-dry your wedding bouquet, it will lose color and eventually die. You also will not be abe to handle it, or it will fall apart. An air-dried bouquet will retain it's scent and depending on the flowers, will look very pretty if displayed properly.


Freeze drying is a very popular way to preserve fresh flowers, but it's also very costly as well. Freeze drying works really well though, with the bouquet keeping it's colors and shape. And the bouquet is presented nicely, in a box frame.

Air-Tight container...

Placing into an air-tighter is another good option, but not very popular, as it can be VERY expensive. But, as with freeze drying, the bouquet looks as good as the day that it was made.

Silk Replica...

Having someone make a silk replica of your bouquet is one of the best options for preserving your bouquet for a very long time, because after all, the silk flowers can't die! This option is also the only option if you want to be able to handle the bouquet after it has been preserved. With the other options, the bouquet will crumble if touched.

The only down side to having a silk bouquet made, is that you don't have the scent of the flowers. One way around this is to use essential oils to scent the silk flowers.

Having a silk-replica made is also one of the cheapest options, and I'm sure that money could be better spent on another part of your wedding!