Customer Testimonials

Kim Van Domselaar

I made the silk bouquet's for my sister Kim's wedding. Below you can see pictures of her wedding bouquet, as well as her comments:

Picture of Kim and her wedding bouquet A picture of a wedding bouquet

This is my sister's wedding from 10 years ago. I made the bouquets (my elder sister also lent a hand as well). As you can see from the photograph, there was a lot of flowers to make for this wedding!

"The flowers were exactly what I wanted, as my bridal gown was quite unique and the flowers had to complement my dress, which they did quite nicely. This year is my tenth wedding anniversary and I will be using my original bouquet when we renew our wedding vows in November this year".
Kim Van Domselaar, Perth, Western Australia

Sheree Coulson

"I really didn't know what I wanted for my wedding - except that I wanted roses and soft colors. I was amazed by the silk bouquets Peta made for me, they were really beautiful. The colors Peta used in the bouquet gave me the idea for what colors I wanted my bridesmaids to wear. Peta made great head-pieces, bridesmaid bouquets and corsages as well. My silk flowers helped make me feel like a princess for a day. (Believe me, that doesn't happen very often). Thanks Peta!".
Sherree Coulson Perth, Western Australia