How To Make A Candy Basket...

Well once again Valentine's day is upon us, and as usual the burning question remains... "What do I buy my partner for valentine's day"?

But why even buy anything?

You can make your partner feel really special by making something for them.

I'm a woman and I can tell you that if my husband was to take the time to make me a gift I would feel like the luckiest woman on the planet.

This would show me that he actual thought about what I would like on this special day and then decided to make something using his own hands instead of running to the nearest shop and buying the first bunch of flowers or chocolates he saw.

For this little project you can use silk flowers or real flowers.

If you decide on real flowers make sure they are long lasting like roses, gerbers, carnations, daisy's, or lillem's.

Of course if you use silk then any flower is fine.

Another option is to not use flowers at all... just use chocolates or candy.

With real flowers you will need to get a wet oasis. You should be able to buy this from any flower shop or floristry supply shop.

I have decided to make this basket with just chocolates. The steps are almost the same as with flowers.

Depending on the chocolates you use, some of them may need to be wired. One of the chocolates I am using is quite large, so I will push it onto a wooden skewer, and then tape the skewer.

I am also adding a very small teddy bear which looks like a cupid and can also be attached to a skewer.

You will need...

  • 1 large chocolate heart
  • 2 boxes of chocolates (I am using Roses and Ferrero Rocher)
  • Red and white ribbon
  • 1 small teddy bear(optional)
  • Dry oasis
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • 11 wooden skewers
  • 1 posy bowl
  • Wires and stem tape
  • Cellophane

Step 1: Wrapping the handle...

Take your red and white ribbon and wrap the handle of the basket in it.

Start on one side then just wrap around the handle until you get to the other side.

Make sure you leave some of the ribbon hanging down on either side for decoration.

Step 2: Prepare the oasis...

Place your oasis into the posy bowl. You won't need the whole brick for this, so trim it to size using a piece of wire or a knife.

The oasis should be just level with the top of the basket, but not above it.

Step 3: Attach the oasis...

Now you have to hold the posy bowl and oasis in place, so they don't fall out of the basket.

There are several ways to do this...

  • a) Hot glue the posy bowl to the basket.

  • b) Sticky-Tak the posy bowl to the basket.

  • c) Wire the posy bowl and oasis to the basket.

Step 4: Wire and Tape...

Wire and tape all the roses chocolates.

If you are using fresh flowers then also wire the gerbers. (This is necessary because gerbers are heavy flowers with weak stems.)

Push all the 9 of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates onto skewers and then tape the skewers. (Trim your fresh roses to about half their stem size so they can be pushed into the oasis.

Trim the greenery as well, so that it is ready to be pushed into the oasis.

Also push your large chocolate heart onto a skewer and finish as above.

Hot glue the teddy bear to a skewer and then stem tape the bottom half of the skewer.

Step 5: Start adding the candy...

The trick to doing candy baskets is to imagine that the handle is not there.

Start by putting the love heart chocolate in the approximate middle of the oasis.

Then place the teddy bear behind that. Make sure that the teddy bear can be seen above the heart

Step 6: Insert the candy into the oasis...

Trim all the chocolate wires. The wires need to be quite small so that you can push them right into the oasis.

The whole of the oasis needs to be covered with the chocolates.

Trim the skewers that the Ferrero Rocher are on as well, and place them in-between the chocolates to help separate the colors.

Fill in any remaining gaps with red and white ribbon loops. No part of the oasis should be visible.

Step 7: Add a Figure-of-8 Bow...

To finish off the candy basket just add a figure-of-8 bow to the front of the basket. Usually the front of the basket is where you can see the teddy bear front on.

Step 8: Add Cellophane...

To give your candy basket an even more professional look you can cover it in clear cellophane.

Just sit the basket on a large piece of cellophane, pull all the corners up to the top of the handle then twist and tie up with a bow.

And there you have it... a beautiful candy valentine's basket!