Candy Bouquet Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about candy bouquets.

Question one: What gauge wire do you use in your candy bouquets?

Whenever I make a bouquet of any type (including Candy bouquets, Cookie Bouquets and Wedding Bouquets), I make sure I have lots of different gauge wires available at hand.

This is because you will need a different gauge wire based on what you are wiring, and how heavy it is.

For example some lollipops are quite heavy and so they would get wired onto a thick gauge wire.

Question two: Why do you use odd numbers in candy bouquets?

This is a hard one to answer because there is no hard and fast rule on this. I think the odd numbers actually help you to create a more balanced candy bouquet.

If you use odd numbers you will also make a more natural looking bouquet- because it is less likely to be symmetrical.

Question three: Whats the best candy to use in a candy bouquet?

This is really up to you!

Wrapped candies are definitely the easiest to work with, and people seem to enjoy eating them the most as well.

Lollipops are also good to use, as they are easy to wire.

If you are going to use chocolates you must be sure not to handle them to much, otherwise they may melt. Depending on where you live, you may only want to use chocolates in the cooler months.

Question four: Why do you add ribbons and flowers?

This just helps the candy bouquet to look more like a normal bouquet made out of flowers.

It also helps to add a bit of variety to the bouquet. It's just a personal choice though, and you definitely don't have to add these things if you don't want to.

Question five: Why do you wire things into the candy bouquet?

Things are wired into the candy bouquet so that it has structure, and will maintain it's shape.

You can do non-structured candy bouquets as well but they would be on natural stems. The flowers could not be moved around or pulled in any way as the stems would break.

You could do the same with candy as long as they had long sticks. You could tie a ribbon around the sticks and that would be a bunch of candy.

Question six: If using a terracotta pot or posy bowl do you still need to wire the candy?

This will depend on the candy that you use.

With things like lollipops, then you won't need to use wire- just push the sticks straight into the oasis.

Chocolates and other wrapped sweets will need to be wired. You wont need to tape them though, because the wire will be hidden in the oasis.

Question seven: Why do you stem tape the wires?

Stem tape is used to help cover the wire and to make the flowers, candies, etc look like they are on stems.

It also helps to give the candy bouquet a more finished look and stops the wire from poking into people!

Though it is not sticky as such, it does stick to itself which makes it easier to work with the bouquet.

Question eight: Can children help make candy bouquets?

Yes of course!

In fact it will help with fine motor skills and pattern development.

Hand eye coordination will also improve because the work can be quite fiddly.

And when they complete one there is a sense of pride in the achievement.

All you need to do is make sure you are there if they need any thing cut, and while they are working with the wires.

One thing to watch for: They may want to eat all the candies, before the bouquet is finished! It's probably a good idea to buy some extra candies for them to eat while they help make the bouquet!

Question nine: What do you do if you don't like the candy bouquet?

Well I usually pull it apart and start again.

In fact, this is something that happens quite a lot to me!

This is one of the good things about working with silk flowers and candies- you can start over again whenever you want. When using fresh flowers you have to be much more careful, because you can't redo things so easily.