How To Make An Easter Egg Candy Bowl

Easter is the one time of the year we can have chocolate and not feel guilty.

So why not make nice and colorful decoration for your Easter table this year?

Using fresh flowers, medium and small Easter eggs you could create a beautiful centre piece.

The bonus with a centre piece like this is not only does it look good but bits of it are edible.

You will need...

  • 9 medium sized Easter eggs
  • 1 bag of soild Easter eggs (or candy eggs)
  • 1 packet of wooden skewers
  • 1 medium posy bowl/posy bowl guard
  • 1 wet oasis
  • 1 bunch of flowers (flowers can be all the same or mixed or even out of your own garden)
  • stem tape
  • 0.18g wire

Step 1

Trim the oasis to fit the posy bowl.

Then push the oasis into the bowl, place the guard on top of the oasis and lock it into position.

Wet the oasis.

Step 2

Take your bunch of fresh flowers and break it up into flowers and greenery.

Take two of the same flower and set them a side. Do not trim the stems on these two flowers.

Trim the stems of the remaining flowers and greenery so that when you push them into the oasis they won't snap.

Step 3

Some flowers will need to be strengthend so they can stand up in the oasis. You can do this by wiring the flower.

The gerbera is a good example of a flower that would need to be strengthened as it has a heavy head with a soft flexible stem.

To do this just push the wire through the top of the stem near the head of the flower. Use a 0.18g wire for this as the wire needs to be quite thin.

Pull the wire through so that you have wire either side of the stem.

Now stem tape so the wire can't be seen.

Step 4

You must be sure to strip any lower leaves off the stems of the flowers and foliage.

The reason we do this is so that there is no leaf matter near the moisture, which would cause the stems to rot.

Cut all stems at a 45 degree angle to improve water take-up.

Step 5

Take your skewers and push your Easter eggs onto them.

You can stem-tape the skewers if you wish.

You will need to keep three of the medium Easter eggs on long skewers.

Trim the rest to about half (if they need more trimming this can be done later)

With the soild Easter eggs you may have to heat the tip of the skewer with boiling water to help soften the chocolate.

Step 6

Push one of the medium Easter eggs into the approximate middle of the oasis, take a flower and place it in front of the egg.

The flower should sit about halfway down the skewer.

Now take one of the flowers you didn't trim and push it into the front of the oasis, near the edge of the posy bowl. Do the same at the back of the posy bowl.

Make sure they are both angled up slightly.

Step 7

Angle the other two easter eggs out from the middle egg, one on the left and one on the right.

Start to push some of the flowers into the oasis at this point. You don't want any of the oasis to show.

Once all the flowers are in add the rest of the Easter eggs to help break up color. Do not group too many eggs together in the same spot.

Step 8

Now all the eggs and flowers are in place just finish off with the greenery. Place any leaves around the outer edge of the bowl.

Overlapping the greenery will help to finish off the look of the table decoration giving the posy bowl a fanned look.

Place a leaf under the flowers at the front and back of the bowl.

If you have any smaller leaves left then push them into the gaps in the top of the oasis.