How To Make A Candy-Cane Christmas Bouquet

A candy cane christmas bouquet is a fun candy bouquet, that makes a great gift or centrepiece at Christmas.

This candy cane bouquet looks great, and doesn't take long to make. It's can also be a fun and simple project for children to make.

You will need:

  • 50 mini candy canes
  • 1 bunch of silk poinsettias
  • 1 bunch of silk holly
  • Thick wire and some thin wire
  • Stem tape

Step 1: Wire and tape the poinsettias and holly...

Wire and tape all the poinsettias and holly onto the thin wires. Do not remove the leaves, as these will help add some more variety to the candy bouquet.

Step 2: Wire and tape the candy canes...

To wire the candy canes just place the wire against the candy cane then stem tape into place.

DON'T try to twist the wire around the candy cane as it will make the candy break!

Step 3: Start arranging the candy bouquet...

Take seven of the poinsettia flowers and hold them in one hand.

Now place five candy canes in-between the flowers. If you want to make the bouquet bigger use more flowers and candy canes in the middle of the bouquet.

Fan the flowers and candy canes out a little to give the bouquet more shape.

Step 4: Add the holly...

Place nine pieces of holly around the outside of the poinsettias.

Now take another seven candy canes and place them in-between the holly, making sure the candy canes can been seen in the middle and around the outside of the bouquet.

Step 5: Wire and tape the handle...

Trim your wires and then tape your handle.

Step 6: Add any extra items you desire...

You can add some extra items to add some variety if you wish.

Tinsel and little boxes wrapped to look like presents are very effective.

You could keep the red and white theme going by adding red and white ribbons on the outside of the holly.

Finally, to display the candy cane bouquet, just place it in a small vase on your table at Christmas time.

Just make sure you make a note of how many candy canes are in the bouquet because they may suddenly start to vanish!

This quick and easy bouquet will add that nice touch to any Christmas table.