Choosing Colors For Your Wedding Bouquet...

When you look at wedding bouquets do you ever wonder how they manage to get the color combinations right?

Some people have a gift for choosing the colors, always able to pick exactly the right colors to use.

Don't worry if you don't have this gift though... there are certain techniques you can use to pick the right colors every time.

The most important thing to understand are complimentary colors...

Using Complimentary Colors...

Complimentary colors are simply colors chosen from opposite sides of the color wheel.

The color wheel is shown here...

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complimentary

To pick colors that will look well together, pick colors on opposite sides of the wheel.

For example, lets say you want to use yellow flowers in your bouquet. What other color flowers should you use?

Just look at the color wheel... Find yellow, and look to the other side of the wheel. Yellow is at the top of the wheel, and the bottom of the wheel has... purple.

So you would try to add purple flowers to compliment your yellow flowers in the bouquet.

You can see this complimentary effect in a real bouquet shown below...(Taken from my Pictures of wedding bouquets page)

The main colors you notice are the red, and green. And if you look to the color wheel, you will see that red and green are opposite each other, so they compliment each other.

Take Into Account The Color Of The Dresses...

It's important to take into account the color of your wedding dress, and even the bridesmaid's dresses.

If you are wearing white, you won't want a plain white bouquet.

I am not saying that you should never have a white bouquet with a white dress. I'm saying that if you are going for white then you need to add some green foliage or accent the bouquet with smaller colored flowers, or ribbon loops.

This will help to lift the bouquet above the dress so that there is a distinction between dress and bouquet.

Available Colors Depend On The Flowers Used...

The colors you have available to chose from will depend on the type of flowers you have.

If you are using fresh flowers, your options may be limited because:

Silk flowers do not have these limitations, and you can pretty much chose any colors you like. This can make chosing colors that compliment your dress much easier when you have a silk wedding bouquet.

Look In Magazines For Ideas...

It's often worthwhile to look in bridal magazines for some ideas on color combinations.

If you look carefully, you'll also discover things like...

These can be very useful for your own bouquet, particularly if you have decided to make your own bouquet.