How to make a red rose wedding bouquet...

Rose Wedding Bouquet

There are many different types of wedding bouquets, but one of the timeless-classics seems to always be popular with brides... and that is the red rose wedding bouquet.

There are many reasons why red rose wedding bouquets are so popular...

For a start, red roses are symbollic of love and passion. I think you'll agree that these are quite important in any marriage!

Another reason is how beautiful red roses look. They always look spectacular, and contrast really well against dark greenery, because red and green compliment each other. (For more information about this, check out my article on Choosing wedding bouquet colors, which covers complimentary colors).

Another good thing with a rose wedding bouquet is that you don't have to use fresh flowers- artificial roses look just as good as real ones.

Finally, a red rose wedding bouquet is really easy to make, as you are about to find out...

To make this rose bouquet you will need...

Step 1: Wiring and taping...

Start the rose wedding bouquet by wiring and taping all of the roses, leaves and crystals. (You can get more details about wiring and taping flowers, here and here, and there is more information about wiring and taping a silk leaf here)

When wiring the crystals you will need to push the head-pin through the hole in the crystal.

Take a crimp and push in onto the bit of head pin sticking out the bottom of the crystal. Use your crimping tool to squeeze the crimp onto the pin. Make sure to get the crimp as close to the crystal as possible, so that the crystal does not move around.

Now twist your floristy wire around the pin, and tape.

Everything wired and taped
Wire and tape all the roses, leaves, and crystals

Step 2: Arrange the roses...

Take 7 of the roses, and place them in one hand. Now fan them out, so that they are evenly spaced out.

Take three crystals and place them around the center rose.

Then hold them in place with a small piece of tape.

Holding the red roses in one hand
Hold the roses in one hand

Step 3: Prepare the bouquet tailpiece...

For the tail piece you will need five leaves, two roses and three crystals.

Use one of the wired-and-taped crystals to start the tail...

Place a leaf just behind the crystal and tape them together...

Leaf and crystal
Start the tailpiece with a leaf and a crystal

Just below this place a rose and tape it in place.

Put two leaves just below and to the either side of the rose and tape them into position.

Take another crystal and place it just beneath this rose and tape...

Bouquet tailpiece-2
Continue the tailpiece with roses, crystals, and more leaves.

Add your last two leaves, the second rose, and a final crystal, and then tape.

Bouquet tailpiece-3
Add the second rose to the bouquet tailpiece

Don't worry that there are only two roses on the tail- A rose from the head of the wedding bouquet will give the illusion of three roses.

Place this tailpiece to one side so that it's out of the way- we'll get back to it later.

Step 4: Add some crystals to the rose wedding bouquet...

Next we place three crystals around the center rose, and tape them into place.

Holding your roses in your hand, place seven leaves around the center rose.

Now place four crystals between the roses on the outside of the bouquet. Tape these in place.

Step 5: Add the leaves...

Take the remaining leaves and place them around the outside of the bouquet to help frame it.

Make sure that you slightly overlap the leaves- this will give the wedding bouquet a more fanned look.

Place a small piece of tape at the top to hold in position.

rose wedding bouquet
The rose wedding bouquet starting to take shape...

Step 6: Add the tailpiece...

Add your tail piece to the front of the bouquet.

Be sure that you have a rose above the crystal at the top of the tail. To do this you may have to bend the wires on the tail piece slightly.

Use a piece of stem tape to hold in place.

Step 7: Arrange roses and crystals...

Its important with a rose wedding bouquet to make sure that all the flowers and crystals are sitting where you want them to.

If they are not then pull them into position.

Add any leftover crystals or leaves and then trim and tape your handle.

Step 8: Prepare the bouquet handle...

To finish off the bouquet, we will add some ribbon to the bouquet handle.

Using the red ribbon, start at the bottom of the handle and then wrap towards the top of the bouquet.

Keep wrapping until all the ribbon is used.

To hold in place push the heads pins with the attached crystals through the ribbon into the stem tape.

Leave about a finger spacing between each pin.

Be careful not to push the pin all the way through as you don't want any part of the pin sticking to the bride!

There you have it! I think you'll agree, that wasn't too hard, was it?

With any luck, your rose wedding bouquet should look something like this...

Rose Wedding Bouquet
The final red rose wedding bouquet!