Wedding Bouquets

If you have ever looked through a bridal magazine, then you are lead to believe that there are many different types of wedding bouquets.

But in fact there are really only three different types of wedding bouquets...

A posy bouquet is a simple wedding bouquet, in a circular shape.

A teardrop is shaped like a bunch of grapes- wide at the top, and tappering to a point down the bottom.

A sheath is a long shape of flowers, that is laid accross the arm.

All other bouquets are just variations of the above types.

Real Flowers Versus Silk Flowers

A wedding bouquet can be made out of 2 different types of flowers... silk flowers, or fresh flowers.

The most popular is a wedding bouquet made from fresh flowers. This is usually because brides believe that fresh flowers look better than silk flowers.

In the past this was true, but today you can buy silk flowers that look indistinguishable from fresh flowers.

There are several advantages to using silk flowers in wedding bouquets...

How to make a wedding bouquet

Most brides get a florist to make their wedding bouquet, not realising that they could quite easily make their own, particularly if they are using silk flowers.

The biggest benefit with making your own wedding bouquet is cost- it is considerably cheaper to make your own, rather than pay someone else to make the wedding bouquet.

There are other benefits as well though, such as:

It is much easier to make a bouquet than you think. I have a webpage that shows you exactly what to do, here.

I also have an inexpensive DVD, where I show you exactly how to make a bouquet, step by step.

how to make a wedding bouquet How to make a wedding bouquet
13 Steps that show how to make your own wedding bouquet...

Pictures of wedding bouquets

It's often very useful to look at pictures of bouquets before you decide on the bouquet you want for youself. This allows you to see lots of different styles, and to pick out a bouquet that will suit your dress.

Here are some photographs of some bouquets I have made recently...

wedding bouquet picture1 wedding bouquet picture2

wedding bouquet picture3 wedding bouquet picture4

For more photos, please visit Pictures of wedding bouquets.

Miscellaneous Bouquet Articles...

Preserving Wedding Bouquets

If you decide to go with a fresh-flower bouquet, and you want to keep it after the wedding, then you will need to look at your different options for preserving the bouquet. This article goes into details about the 4 different options...

How to clean a silk bouquet

Even when you have a silk wedding bouquet, it wont stay in perfect condition forever. But by spending a little time (approximately 10 minutes every 6 months), you can keep your bouquet in pristine condition, with a plastic bag, and some rice. This article will let you know exactly what you need to do to keep your bouquet looking like it did on your wedding day.

How to make a wedding bouquet that is interesting and unusual...

Most brides want to have a classic wedding bouquet, but a few brides dare to be a bit different, and want their bouquet to make a statement. This article has some suggestions about how to make a really interesting bouquets, that guests will still be talking about, years after the wedding!

How to choose a wedding bouquet that is right for you...

Picking a wedding bouquet can be very hard. You have to consider all sorts of things when deciding on your bouquet, including...

It's important to get this right (choosing the wrong type of wedding bouquet will highlight your worst features, rather than show-off your assets), and this article goes into more detail about some of the things you'll need to consider...

Fresh Flower, or Silk?

As I mentioned above, a bouquet can be made with fresh or silk flowers. There are pros and cons to each, as they are quite different.

Before deciding on the flowers you want to use in your wedding bouquet, I highly recommend reading this article, so that you can make a more informed decision.

How to display your silk wedding bouquet

Once the wedding is over, you have to decide what to actually do with your bouquet. This article goes into 3 different options for displaying your wedding bouquet(On a table, on a shelf, or in a glass cabinet), and also covers 4 important points that you should consider before deciding where the bouquet will go.

Choosing Colors for your wedding bouquet

Choosing colors can seem like an art-form, but there are certain techniques and methods behind it. One technique is complimentary colors. It sounds complicated, but this article will show you how to choose the best colors for your wedding bouquet using a simple wheel.

How to make a rose wedding bouquet

One of the most popular types of wedding bouquet is the red rose bouquet. They are quite easy to make, and this article shows how to make your own, in just 8 easy steps.

Let your wedding flowers speak the language of love

An interesting article by Claire Bowes. Although she assumes you'll be using fresh flowers for your wedding bouquet, there is still a lot to learn from this article. Such as a brief history of wedding flowers, as well as information on the emotion each type of flower represents, and the different flowers you may need at your wedding.

Wedding flowers for less

If you need to save money on your wedding bouquet, there are several different options, including making your own, or using silk flowers. This article by Glenda Erceg covers some other options, and is a must read if you want to get your wedding bouquet as cheaply as possible.