How to make a wedding bouquet that is interesting and unusual...

Have you ever noticed how much similarity there is between most wedding bouquets? Sure, they look beautiful, but there isn't usually much variety.

They usually only contain flowers and some type of greenery. I don't know about you, but I find that a little boring... So why not add something else to the wedding bouquet to make it a bit more exciting?

Like what? I can hear you asking.

I think you'd be suprised to discover what you can add to your wedding bouquet. It's really only limited by your imagination.

Most brides spend hours thinking about what flowers they want in their bouquets and then what flowers they want as accents to the focal flower.

But when you are adding other things to the wedding bouquet, you can really get creative, and make the bouquet around themes, rather than just choosing colors.

Does the person you are making the bouquet for have a favourite thing that they would love to carry down the isle?

You should always ask your bride what they would like in their bouquet because it doesn't have to be flowers.

There are plenty of other items you can add to the bouquet, such as:

Some other things you could add include candy, chocolates, bubble gum, fruit, vegetables, cup cakes etc. For my own wedding, I am adding lollipops to my bouquet(For more information on adding candy to a bouquet, check out my article: How to make a candy bouquet)

You probably think I've gone mad! But trust me, people liked to have choice and they like to feel that they are different and unusual!

And adding interesting objects to the bouquet can be a good way to get the groom more involved with the wedding as well. For example, if the groom is a pilot, how about adding some toy cars to the wedding bouquet? Or if he likes cars, you could add some toy cars. This is sure to get him more involved!

Not all brides will want to do this, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have more choice!

And just because you are adding a few different things doesn't mean you still can't have flowers. All you do is combine the two, for example, you could have seven teddy bears and nine roses. It's really up to the person getting married.

As you know, weddings can be very stressful and taxing. So why not lighten things up a little and give people something to talk about for years to come?